The Word and the Character of God

The Word of the Lord and glory of the Lord serve as bookends to the week. The Word reveals its focus, God Himself. Everything that streams from the Word leads to the glory of God. To miss the character and glory of God, when reading His Word, is to miss everything. His Word is pure, enlightening, enduring – as is the God of the Word. The Word is sweet, as the Lord. It speaks to our hearts, capturing them. He steadfastly remains present and able with His blessings and joy. Responding to these truths leads us to true worship.

The Word of the Lord
Reveals, presents, glorifies
The Lord of the Word

The law of the Lord
Perfect and blameless and true
Reviving the soul

The sureness of God
Making wise the simple one
Rejoicing the heart

The pureness of God
Enlightening perspective
Enduring always

All to be desired
More than all the priceless gold
One could ever own

All to be tasted
Sweeter than purest honey
Anyone could want

Discernment, safety
Protection for righteousness
Innocent, blameless

May my heart-thought words
Reflect the beauty of yours
Dear Giver of truth

It’s your love alone
That has captured all my heart
I love You, that’s all

The Lord always comes
With protection, help and love
He remembers me

He grants my desires
Fulfilling His plans for me
I trust in my Lord

I joyfully shout
He saves and I stand amazed
He comes when I call

I run to you, Lord
For you meet me with blessings
You crown me with joy

I asked and You gave
What my heart really needed
My wants have been changed

Therefore I will trust
And entrust to You my days
With rest and in joy

May I be like rain
Falling on the fresh-mown grass
Refreshing showers

Blessing be to all
Inspiring, cleansing, touching
To the needy heart

Be exalted Lord
In Your strength and steadfast love
Forever secure

Joy in Your presence
I am heard and I am blessed
Beyond all I want

Your highest love, LORD
Extends to the blue heavens
Your faithfulness to the clouds

You who fear the Lord
Praise, adore, trust, stand in awe
Glorify your God

Seek him, praise the Lord
Let your heart live forever
Glorify your God

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