Intimacy and Home

This week’s focus has been on intimacy now and ultimate intimacy in His home. Intimacy now rests upon my having a clean heart before my holy King. As a Shepherd, on the journey, He provides, guides, protects, heals, teaches, loves and cleanses and ultimately brings me home where His glory is fully revealed.

My Shepherd provides
All that I need and want
He rests me fully

My Shepherd is Guide
Leading me along right paths
He restores me there

My Shepherd protects
Even in shadowed valleys
He cares for me there

My Shepherd is Healer
Anointing me with His oil
He makes me alive

My Shepherd remains
Surrounded with His goodness
He remains always

Clean hands and pure hearts
Standing in His holy place
Blessing from the Lord

Come, King of glory
Strong, mighty and glorious
King of glory, come

My soul to You, Lord
In You I trust, You are God
You are victory

Lead me and teach me
In You I learn, You are God
You are truth and life

Love me and cleanse me
In You I am forgiven
You are forgiver

My soul to You, Lord
Trusting, learning, forgiving
I wait for you, Lord

I love your home, Lord
The place where Your glory dwells
I will bless the Lord

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