It’s been a week of coming home. The Lord has a way of drawing us home, into His arms. There, he refreshes us from all that has happened and readies us for what is to come. There, we are strengthened, things are simplified and focused. So, what one thing should we want more than anything? I think it is to be home with Him.

Courtesy: Rosa Say

Lord, one thing I ask
Nothing else do I desire
Just to be with You

Just to be with You
Every day of my living
Together as one

Together as one
Forever without ending
Lord, this thing I ask

Hidden in His home
In every day of trouble
Concealed in His hands

Lifted, victory
I will sing with shouts of joy
Raised to walk upright

Heard with loving ear
Graciously answered again
Understood mercy

Taught by His wisdom
Led along righteous roadways
Trained to wait, be strong

To You, Lord, I call
When I cry to You for help
When I lift my hands

Blessed be the Lord God
He alone is my strength, shield
In Him my heart trusts

My heart exalts Him
With my song I give Him thanks
He is my Shepherd

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