“Condition” – a state of affairs that must exist or be brought about before something else is possible or permitted

Courtesy: Rosa Say
Courtesy: Rosa Say

We all live conditional lives. If…then living is normal for us. And, when one act is not reciprocated, withdrawal usually follows.

However, one of the most beautiful challenges to this is found in the word aloha. Aloha means unconditional love. Regardless of the conditions, I love you is the spirit of aloha. Hawaiians use it when greeting and parting. As a greeting, it means my heart is open to you. It means acceptance. It means you’re at home here. It is inclusive, not exclusive. As a parting, it means my heart goes with you and you will remain in my heart. Aloha is the expression of humble unity.

Is it time for aloha in your life? Isn’t it time to work at being inclusive instead of exclusive? Who needs your aloha today? Sharing aloha means removing any and all masks you wear and letting the real you shine!

By the way, if we wear masks, not allowing the real be expressed and people happen to love us, is it not true that they can only fall in love with the facade. Let real love happen today through the real you.

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