Living with Gratitude

Courtesy: Rosa Say

“Thank you” does not have to be limited to something we say. In a much higher and deeper form, it is a way of living life. Life is precious. Yesterday will never return. Tomorrow is not yet here. All you have today. And, as someone has said, perhaps that is why it is called a present.

Living a Mahalo life, we best appreciate goodness, steadfast love and underserved grace. It opens doors to authentic service for others. Our focus of life turns from ourselves (inward) to others (outward). We live in admiration of our world and its priceless treasures. Mahalo living celebrates what is seen and understood; but it also stands in awe of what is not fully understood. It challenges entitlement living by cultivating a humble attitude to the life that has been given.

Did you know that approximately 70% of today’s workers are looking for a different job? And, do you know why? The number one reason is a lack of authentic, meaningful appreciation. Can you see how Mahalo living could impact a work culture? Think what could happen in a classroom or home.

This week, give special attention to cultivating a lifestyle of gratitude toward others and yourself. Gratitude flows from an unrestrained heart. Set your heart free!

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