It has taken a career of twists and turns, and today I know who I am, and I know my best role. It can still be hard at times, but altogether it is easier and easier to own my role with each passing day — when that day’s passage means I have owned it, and I have done it well.

A dear friend recently wrote these words and when I read them they resonated with my heart. I wrote back to her with this response:

I love this and have personally seen it developing in my life, too. As an eclectic in any ways, I am better understanding my unique role in this world of ours and am enjoying it more than ever. I had to more finely separate things I am called to do from things I enjoy doing or things that intrigue me. For example, I enjoy writing, but am not called to be an author. I truly love teaching – this is my calling. What relief to arrive at this point. Why did it take so long?

IMG_0353If you are like me, you don’t like limits and fences and boundaries. Yet, is it not prideful to think we don’t need them? Do not flowers thrive when just the right conditions are created? Does not even the ocean stay within its limits of a shoreline? Is it not within the limitations of who we really are that the greatest blessings and effectiveness are found?

My encouragement to you this week is to flourish within your unique limitations. Bloom where you have been planted.