The Dance of Life

Courtesy: John Watson
Aloha Expo 2006, Santa Fe Springs, California

One of the most beautiful art forms in Hawaii is the hula. The word simply means dance. The hula is the dance of the Hawaiian soul. It is inspired by the wind, trees, ocean’s crashing waves, the birds’ singing and lighting on a soft branch and even the brightness of the volcano’s power. It praises God for His amazing creation.

Dance is accompanied by music and drums which sets the unique beat. Beginning to learn the hula requires answering the question,

Are you willing to give up your heartbeat for the beat of the the Hawaiian heart?

The hula connects the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual life of the dancer to the values  of true life and aloha living.

What’s your dance today? What is inspiring you? From where is your joy coming? What beat are you listening to? What values are guiding your life this day?

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