Light and Warmth

IMG_0917Conrad Hilton set out to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality. Personally, I believe this vision is wonderful, not only for a hotel chain, but for every person. What could happen if we would adopt this vision personally? I think at least one thing would be true – we would celebrate others more.

I love to think about words and their broader meanings; to help me, I often take a word and use the first letters to form my definition and applications.

C – consider others before yourself. Yes, others first has some drawbacks. I have met people who look for ways to help others, which is admirable, but devote no time to themselves to rejuvenate and refresh. A balance is needed.

E – embrace every person as a gift. This is easier to write than to realize. But, every person is a gift, every person. And, it’s not just their giftedness in mind. They, themselves, are gifts to us.

L – learn to smile more and listen well. Smiling takes so much less effort than frowning. It’s amazing how a smiling person brings light to a room. And, being humble enough to listen well is loving and respectful.

E – enjoy strolling. Our pace of life is quick and jerky at times. In fact, psychologists have studied how our brains have been reconfigured due to the stops and starts throughout the day. Checking email, websites, calls, etc. all contribute to frenzy at times. So, organize those wonderful tools into a manageable pattern for you (checking email twice daily, for example) and reacquaint yourself to strolling and observing.

B – be light and salt in your world. The world around us grows darker each day – be light! Our world seems to decay each day – be salt. How valuable is a kind word!

R – rekindle lost passions. Do you remember doing anything out of pure enjoyment that you are no longer doing? Why not give yourself a fresh start?

A – appreciate others in an effective, real way. We underestimate the power of a simple, kind word or note. A handwritten note, which is so rare today, is something that can bring light and warmth.

T – take the time to walk in others’ shoes. Ask questions before  judging and accusing. No one needs another judge. Everyone needs another person who truly desires to know and love him.

E – engage into the lives of those in your neighborhood, school, church and workplace. Resist casual greetings. Stop and take a few minutes to really engage with another person today.

Fill the earth with light and warmth!

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