The Summit

To move forward, we have to leave the past behind while preserving its wisdom, and stretch forward seeking to build upon that wisdom. Our focus is on what lies ahead not on what is behind. Progress demands leaving and remembering the past while stretching and focusing toward the future.

The value of achievement. “Strive to reach the summit.”
Pursue personal excellence in all you do.

Courtesy: Rosa Say

Leaving and remembering the past is not easy. There are things about the past that are wonderful and we want to preserve them as much as we can. For many, it’s a joy to look through photo albums and recall “the good times” and people in our lives. For others, it is not a pleasant journey that has brought them to this day. Whether our memories are good or not, whatever has brought us to this day, to this point in our journey, we must look forward and take the next step.

Stretching toward requires focusing on the goal ahead, the summit. Rosa Say writes,

Those who have this value continually pursue improvement and personal excellence. For them, the most satisfying competition is with their previous selves: They consider their life and everything within it to be a work in progress, and they enjoy the effort. ‘Hard work’ is good work when it employs the energies of striving and reaching higher.

“…the most satisfying competition is with their previous selves…work in progress…enjoy the effort.” These phrases challenge us to stretch forward and focus on what we can become BECAUSE OF or IN SPITE OF our past. Each experience is like a brick. We can use that brick to build a wall or lay a road. The decision is ours.

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