Aloha Love, Can I?

Aloha love focuses on how to love everyone. This is very different than natural thinking which focuses more on the worthiness of the one to be loved. It’s not an issue of worthiness but how.

Aloha changes the question from “What kind of person is my neighbor?” to “What kind of person am I?” It focuses “What status of people are worthy of my love?” to “How can I become the kind of person whose compassion disregards status?”

The challenge of Aloha is loving another like we love ourselves.

We make sure when we have physical problems or caught in a dangerous situation, we make sure we do whatever we need to get the best attention, the best care and have all our needs met. We are basically without limit in taking care of ourselves as much as we’re capable. People will actually go into debt and sometimes bankruptcy in order to make sure they don’t deny themselves anything they think they need. But who else do we love like that?

Aloha love calls us to limitless love. We open our hearts to anybody in our path, love him lavishly, sacrificially, generously, tenderly, limitlessly, kindly, like we love ourselves.

Can we really love like this? What is the first step we must take? Where must our focus be? Love without limits?


Personally, I see this as an unattainable goal but one which should drive my actions each day. Perhaps I will never realize the full extent of Aloha loving, but I am sure that each step I take toward it will enrich my life.

I think my Aloha love is like the blossoming flower on our Magnolia tree in the backyard. It has taken a long time to get to this point but each day has counted toward a beautiful flower opening. It’s not open yet, but it’s getting closer! I think that’s how the Aloha love journey develops as well.

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