Courtesy: Hawaiian Tourist Bureau
Courtesy: Hawaiian Tourist Bureau

I am learning something…

We praise what we enjoy because the delight is incomplete until it is expressed in praise.

This quote by John Piper makes total sense to me. We invite others into our praise by what we say, such as, “Wasn’t that concert wonderful?” “Isn’t that sunset gorgeous?” They are wonderful and gorgeous to us and we call others to admire them as well. But more is going on here.

We are also completing our appreciation of them through expression.

In relationships, it is not enough to just admire or appreciate a person. We must communicate our admiration and appreciation. By the way, recognition is focused on accomplishment and appreciation is focused on character. So, some encouragement regarding showing appreciation:

Communicate regularly: stay alert to the opportunities to express appreciation to another. Try to be timely with your appreciation.

Communicate authentically: any hint of unauthentic praise will hurt relationships, then and in the future. So, trying to create something that is not true will not work.

Communicate personally: many do not like being appreciated in front of others. Everyone appreciates it privately.

Communicate specifically: express the specific reason for your appreciation. The more specific you are, the more powerful.

And, don’t forget the joy of a surprise treat. A simple $5 coffee card can make someone’s day.

Why do this? Even more than building up another you actually complete your appreciation of them. It’s a win-win for all.

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