I am learning that building trust is a long journey. Perhaps even more agonizing is the process of building back trust that is lost for some reason.

In a recent article entitled Dysfunctionally Connected Workplacesthe writer says:

Never in history have we been so technologically connected to each other in the workplace. Email, instant message, text message, and social media have enabled us to be in constant and immediate communication with each other. Yet record numbers of people are disengaged on the job and distrust their organizations, senior leaders, and coworkers.

We are dysfunctionally connected.

The article presents three ways to build trust and develop a true  connection:

Have a people focus

Improve your communication

Recognize people’s efforts

When I read these things, I think of the Hawaiian value of Ho’olohe pono which means “to listen carefully, intently, rightly, and justly.”

Focusing on others, listening to their story, is so vital for trust building. Why is it so hard to listen? Have you noticed that we tend to be quick to share our story and not fully listen to another’s. It’s the listening, careful heart listening, that builds trust and leads to a rich communication. And, what naturally follows a focus on others is a greater awareness of what those people do and how to appreciate them in the language they understand.

IMG_0419Earlier this week, I saw this quote from Nelson Mandela. It has made me think a lot about how I communicate and relate to others.

Building trust means that we talk to a man in his language, heart to heart, listening carefully, intently, rightly, and justly.

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