Noʻonoʻo hana

Thought, reflection, thinking, meditation;

to think, reflect, meditate, concentrate, thoughtful, mental


Everyone is a creative person. Sadly, many times, creativity is safely hidden away and not allowed to fully develop. I wonder why that is…I wonder if that is true about you.

When you took the chance to be creative, what happened?

  • Did someone squash your efforts?
  • Did you compare your work with another’s?
  • Did your results fall short of your expectations?
  • Did it take too much effort?
  • Did it cost too much?

Whatever your experience with being creative, how did you respond? Here’s what I have learned:

If you put your creative gift away, it might be kept safe, free from examination and hurt. But, in that safe place, it will slowly die. And, when that happens, a bit of you dies as well.

So, what do I suggest?

Open up your creative heart once again and let it renew. If you are really serious about your talent, you might want to get some training. However, if it is just something you really enjoy, and don’t really care about proficiency, move forward. Enjoy your talent. Learn from trial and error. Study as much as you want to know and keep trying. Is it not the journey that brings life to creativity?

IMG_1818I love plants and caring for them (even temperamental and challenging ones). Last weekend, I found a beautiful Anthurium in a local florist. I wanted to plant it in a pot I had seen weeks ago at a store more than 30 miles away. On a 95 degree day, I drove to the store and bought the last one they had. I used the right soil mixture and watered and fed it as recommended. My hope – it will live and thrive! The gamble – it might not. I can’t let the possibility of failure rob me of the joy of my new plant right now, though.

Thoughtful work, Noʻonoʻo hana (creativity) lives within you, too. Maybe it’s cooking, photography, painting…go on, jump into it. If you have laid it aside, get reacquainted. If you have tried and failed, find out why and try again.

Let’s create!

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