Who doesn’t want to be around enthusiastic people? I don’t think it’s a personality issue but a perspective issue. God promises to provide all we need; my experience has been that He provides so much more than I truly need.

I need food: He is the bread of life

I need water: He is the water that quenches thirst so much that I never thirst again

I need wisdom: He gives without measure

I need companionship: He never leaves or forsakes

Enthusiasm (God within)

When I begin to see that my God is more than enough for me, enthusiasm for Him rises in my heart and has to come out. In all things and at all times, He is my God of blessing. What more would I want or need?

Lord, you are my joy this day. I need nothing else but what You provide. But, so much more is given to me. Help me live out what you’ve put within. My heart is enthusiastic for You!

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