The Heart

But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. (Amos 5:24 ESV)

What destroys the most beautiful expressions of love? Answer: a corrupted heart

What keeps us from doing the unexpected for the undeserving so that we might watch God accomplish the unbelievable? Answer: an prideful heart

What interferes with my remaining faithful and steady when unwarranted treatment comes? Answer: a distracted heart

What absorbs my heart so much that I can nearly forget the Lord? Answer: a divided heart

What discontents my heart that I crave for more and more? Answer: an ungrateful heart

My heart is fragile, easily broken and damaged. As natural as this might be, the Lord protects my heart regardless of my situation. He purifies, humbles, focuses my heart by and on himself. There is no shifting ground that can make me stumble when he is my foundation.

A contented heart remembers the essentials. At birth and death, the essentials are food and clothing. Between birth and death is the challenge; shall I be content with what the Lord gives, even if it is just the essentials? A lifestyle of craving ends when I am content with my Lord’s giving.

Lord, You alone must be my one desire (Psalm 27:4); I, the underserving dwelling in your presence always, seeing you intimately, meditating about you intensely. I, the underserving with you as closely as humanly possible – this must be my one desire.

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