I tend to have either low or high expectations and perceptions of myself. Mark 10 is one of those chapters where this is highlighted.

  • Low expectation of marriage and a low perception of children (v. 1-16)
  • High expectation of blessing and a high perception of self worthiness (v. 17-31, 35-44)


  • Jesus speaks about his death (v. 32-34) and servanthood (v. 45) in contrast to disciples who desire promotion.
  • A blind man asks to be healed in contrast to the rich man who seeks to be recognized for his righteousness.


  • God’s definitions are the highest.
  • Who and what He values is greatest.
  • To be like Jesus, I must take on the form of a servant, being willing to die to self.
  • I must be ready to see the faces in the crowd and reach out to the one who might be in need.

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