Jesus is…

2014-03-02 12.52.35Perhaps the world mistakenly looks at the church as the answer to its needs because the church has tried to portray itself as the answer to the world’s needs. In Mark 9:14-29 people brought a demon possessed boy to be healed. Jesus was not there. So, the disciples tried to help. They previously had driven out demons when Christ sent them out. So, why not now? They could not help, I think, because they had not been empowered to do so and because of the little faith of those who had brought the boy. Even to Jesus they said, “If you can…” The Lord’s work, done His way always has His provision.

The disciples’ hearts are revealed in Mark 9 as well. They were concerned about which of them was the greatest. Are we not guilty of this as well? The world comes to us with needs. We try to fix them in our own wisdom and strength while deep within our hearts is amazing carnality. The church is not the answer. Jesus is.

In the very next chapter we see the disciples wanting preferential seating in heaven. Jesus counters them with instructions on servant leadership. In both Mark 9 and 10, Jesus has just spoken of his death and resurrection. How could they miss hearing the lesson twice? The heart has a way of dulling the understanding. Our present is not the focus of this life. The future is not the focus of the next life. Now and then, there is only one focus. Jesus is.

With that focus, regardless of what today brings, I can walk through it with exceptional dreams, relentless courage and contagious joy because there is only one source of vision, strength and peace. Jesus is.

I can walk with perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3-4), convinced security (Romans 8:38-39), certain reward (Galatians 6:9), intimate leadership (Psalm 37:23) and more simply because Jesus is all He says He is, all the time.

Lord, help me remember who You are. In every situation, at all times, help me rest in who You are. Help me deal with my past, present and future through You. Abba, I belong to You. I trust You. I surrender to You. You are more than enough.

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