Mock worship

It was during the crucifixion trial of Jesus that he was mockingly worshipped (Mark 15:19). It was on the cross that he was reviled and ridiculed (Mark 15:32), even by the thief who would ultimately repent. It was the Roman soldier who understood that Jesus was the Messiah (Mark 15:39). 

 I think thoughtless worship is no better than mocking, reviling ridicule. When I come to church with any other reason than to worship my King, it is the cross all over again. I can fellowship with friends and family other times. I can talk about how things are going other times. 

And, though I can worship at other times as well, there is something precious about God’s family coming together to worship the Lord together.

It is absolute and irrevocable surrender that leads me from the facade of worship to that which is real. 

An undue amount of thought and consideration for myself is what keeps me from making that decision. I must become determined to be absolutely and entirely for Him and Him alone.

Lord, you know how easily distracted I am. Help me worship you with my whole heart and life. Free me from thoughtless worship. May I worship you here and now as I will there and then.

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