Wanting to find the record for the tallest sandcastle, I found this from the Guinness World Records site:

The tallest sand castle is 12.59 m (41 ft 3.67 in) tall and was unveiled by Caterpillar Inc. in Caminho Niemeyer, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 11 November 2014. The castle used 20 truckloads of Brazilian sand.

Courtesy: Guinness Word Records

After documenting that it was indeed the tallest, it was torn down. Here and gone. That is such a vivid picture of my strength. Apart from the Lord, all I can do is build sandcastles. With all my efforts, care, strength and wisdom – just sandcastles.

Does a such a fragile life have any security? Yes! All my security is found in God alone, who keeps me trusting Him through every step of my journey. He alone is the Faithful One, Sustainer, Guard. I am secure forever in His arms. Jesus is the all-satisfying end of every longing.

How often I seek fulfillment from life, not from God alone. My whole heart cries out thirsty, wanting more, desiring freshness. If I would just turn to the Bread of Life and Living Water, I would find all that I truly desire.

Believing this to be true, in every situation I face, I must ask myself, “Whom am I seeking?” How quickly I try to muster my sandcastle strength to meet the challenges before me. From James 4:8-10 I learn that not turning first to my Lord for help is simply a lack of humility. In short, I live with a divided loyalty; when I repent and return to my Security my sadness is turned to joyful honor rising out of a pure heart.

So, my Lord invites me to Himself again. He tunes my life into a true harmony with His. Real desires are fulfilled. I am sustained and helped to stand firm. And, standing, I sing the Lord’s song. No more sandcastles for I am lifted from my listlessness and given an eternal spirit of life.

Lord, you alone are the fulfillment of my life. Thank you for taking this sandcastle child of yours and giving me your security. May I live my life in total loyalty to you.

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