Plumeria beauty by Rosa Say
Plumeria beauty by Rosa Say

It’s amazing how the Lord puts things to rest. It’s like being at home with him, regardless of circumstances that might not be my choice. He leads me to humbling and submitting to his perfect will. Being at home with him is the same thing as being at rest with him.

He relaxes me in His wisdom and grace which brings me into serenity with him. There, I experience the amazing truth that I’m loved not just ideally but with great energy and excitement. I experience his never ending grace. Enthusiasm and joy fill me as I am loved with all his heart.

In this love I am given a new name, Beloved. Everything is changed, my heart stands upright. Trembling at God’s Word, I know the Lord hears my prayers. So, humbly listening, precarious before God, I wait.

Boisterous winds and waves might come; but, I am unwilling to consider them because Jesus is in sight. Recklessly trusting, unrestrained, willing to risk, I abandon all for him.

Regarding serving, how easy it is to be devoted to a cause; I become exhausted, stumbling, unsure and my devotion wavers. Dying to self, with open hands offering all, my Lord brings me to the place of relinquishment and rest. Devoted in heart, touched by the Spirit of God, I see Jesus.

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