God’s gracious ways

Wailea Point Tree by Rosa Say
Wailea Point Tree by Rosa Say

God’s work in my life is a gracious work available moment by moment, whenever it is needed to fully live for Christ. It is an enabling grace that takes me from impossibility to provision. I can depend on my Lord to be faithful to his eternal promises. I am empowered by him as he pursues me more and more. What a passionate pursuer he is! Truly, he is the Trusted Giver. I am humbled by his intimate ways with me; he is honored when I care deeply enough to probe the depths of his heart. I can trust his grace for today and for the future. There is no fear.

I am amazed at his infallible provision that never fails to provide everything I need. What a joy to rest in his care for me and my family. My concerns are settled within his hands. There is no need to crave more and more. Contentment is mine when I simply submit to his bounty. The longings of my heart are truly settled. Therefore, I don’t give up seeking and working for his unrelenting goodness in and through my life. I will not let go but will trust him to an even greater degree as things do not work as I think they should. There is a promised harvest coming if I don’t give up.

Fear is gone. My slavery to my expectations or others’ demands is no longer. I am free to rest in his sweet nearness. He alone is my delight and I live in true joy, in oneness with him.

This has been an amazing week focused on intimate truth and relationship. God’s work, done his way; gracious, infallible provision; no fear, just determination.

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