Crowning glory

Crowning glory by Rosa Say
Crowning glory by Rosa Say

I am continuing to learn that true service and ministry to others is to be filled with graciousness and passion. Gracious serving is defined by the Lord’s character and ways. In essence, He says, “If you see what I see, you will love what I love and you will do what I would do.” This is a great challenge of faith that presses me toward love. It’s a passionate service of a devoted life and lifestyle. Passion demands walking alongside of others on their journey; it means simply being there.

As I truly cannot do this myself, every act of love is an act of grace. Who I am and who I am becoming, the real me, is a work of His hand on my life. His imprint is a gracious one. In this process, I understand that God treasures me and His grace enables me to all He requires.

The bottom line is this: God is at work in my life, giving me the desire to do His will and enabling me to do it with grace and love. It is His gracious work, His gracious truth!

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