A balanced life

IMG_2715As I look back on this week, I am amazed and a bit surprised how the Lord’s gentle guidance was given. He certainly is a master at making the most of every day and opportunity.

The week began with a simple prayer and promise, “Give your strength to your servant.” It is the constant plea for grace; my requests were met with His promised provision. The Lord alone is my helper and throughout this week, He has drawn me to Himself, just He and me. He has turned to me and has been gracious. He has strengthened me.

I have been reminded of His extravagant provision; He is never stingy. God delights in me and offers unceasing blessing. There truly is no want, no lack because He cares for his own. This is His joy!

Not only has given me strength and provision but He has led me to a deeper dependency. I must trust who God will be both In the present and future. A day of praise is today and tomorrow. He is faithfully present, fully able to help, guide. This is promised grace.

This is true life. Christ living in me means there is no longer the need for imitation or even trying to measure up. I am alive in His life; His gifts flow through my life, such as patience, love, joy, peace, grace, trust. This is Christ living in me.

All of this intensive work has led me to consider the Hawaiian value of Pono. He alone defines rightness and establishes balance. Because of Him I can live with contentment, and strive to do everything with integrity. All is good and right, motive and action, right-being more than doing. In Him are pure aspirations and a remaking within; my nature and heart continue to be transformed. Simply said, the journey of this week has led me to a deeper understanding of rightness and balance.

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