IMG_2755My heart is revealed by every word and every motive behind every action. How surprised I am to see what comes out at times. In fact, most often, I resent what my Lord reveals. I desire to be better than I am but the truth is never hidden from Him. I easily settle for far less that He desires, and can become very content with my heart’s incomplete work. He sees me as I am with eyes and heart of total grace. No fear being exposed and truly agreeing with Him that I am not yet what He desires me to be. I am still His workmanship in process.

What He reveals is immediately tested. This is His beautiful way to purify my life. He reveals to me that He can meet all my needs, for example, and I believe it. Immediately He puts me in need to test my belief. My Lord is always after my heart. This is deepest intimacy.

As much as I want to have a finish line to cross and say, “I’ve arrived in this area of my life” my Lord’s finish lines are moment by moment, decision by decision and action by action. He revels in the process of maturity. One day, I will be like Him. Until then, He rejoices over me each moment. It’s all about process to Him. It is His amazing way to help me unlearn, simplify, become a child again. Growth is the goal not being “grown up”.

Oh, how He loves me! He will not let me live a life of illusion. Misconceptions, false judgments and deceived impressions lead me into an illusive life. Through all His work, He disillusions. Disillusionment is understood as negative until this week. I now see it is His glorious work in my life. God’s revealing way leads me into freedom where truth is now understood.

Lord, mahalo for a wonderful week of intensive teaching. May I rest in your diligence and patience, enjoying the journey of growth.

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