Ke aloha o ke Akua (the grace of God)

imagePraying expresses humility. I submit in prayer. God changes me in prayer. My heart is fashioned in prayer. I bring everything to him in prayer. And, I can do this because my Lord made this relationship possible. “Lord, ‘O wau nō me ka ha’a’ha’a, “I am humbly yours” today. Through all I do may I be merciful to your reputation” is the prayer of a humble heart.

I have learned that my usefulness and skills cannot be used to determine his plan for me. I am placed where he is glorified most. He uses spiritual sense not common sense to lead me. Therefore, I must submit to him now, here as well as then, there.

Today’s storms are opportunities to trust him, which always brings joy to him. He faithfully goes with me into stormy places and times so I need not fear. There, I can glorify him. And, I realize that in the storms he draws me to his side and gently speaks. True intimacy.

Lastly, I’ve been reminded that he never takes his eyes off me, never stops listening to me, never stops defending me and never stops restoring me (Psalm 34:15-18).

Lord, it’s been a rich week for me. You have led me towards a deeper understanding of prayer, challenged me to live humbly where I am, which glorifies you most at this time, encouraged me to trust you and reminded me that I’m in your care. Ke aloha o ke Akua! Mahalo.

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