E pili kāua (being together)

IMG_2800Following Jesus sometimes means walking with him into storms. “Let us go…” can be an invitation to the very place I don’t want to go. But, he walks with me! Faith trusts him alone because he alone is fully trustworthy. He invites me alongside; what a great privilege. If I could take my eyes off the journey or myself and just look at him, step by step, I think it would make such a difference. Regardless how things look, I am always in the Pu’uhonua (place of safety).

I can look to things that seem strong and eternal, like the mountains. But, even those can crumble and fall. I must focus on the Lord more and refuse any substitute. I can look up and beyond, from here to there, but even then I must see my Lord, my only Kōkua (helper). With him I am renewed. The broken is mended, the silent plays again. His ministry to me is to Hana hou (renew) my heart.

As I look back on the week and to the next one, he has reminded me that he invites me to walk with him. All that has happened is defined and all that will happen is controlled. He is teaching me the value of Luana (restful contentment) as we walk together. The great lesson to remember, I think, is that journeying with the Lord is one of safety and renewal only because he is there.

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