Kuiki (the quilting)

IMG_2869What an amazing week! The weaving of truths is anuhea (a cool, refreshing breeze). The quilted story from comfort to healing is brought  together by satisfaction. From comfort I find the Lord’s sustaining love which settles and satisfies. As a satisfied child I rely more and more on him as he heals and restores.

The journey of comfort requires me to look up and beyond the here and now to the there and then. I realize that it is not an escape from today but strength for today when I consider the temporary and eternal. I am now ready to see his love. The greatest gift for the least deserving. It cost him everything to love me. There is no greater picture of aloha. And, I don’t know anything that satisfies more.

So, I trust him with every uncertainty. He is thoughtfully and purposefully using every moment for his glory and my joy, especially when his care hurts. He knows what needs healing in me. He is unrelentingly caring for me. I am a greatly blessed child! Mahalo Lord.

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