That day

Wail, for the day of the LORD is near; as destruction from the Almighty it will come! – Isaiah 13:6

To most the day of the Lord will be totally and permanently destructive. All the fortresses will crumble and families will be lost. There is no hope for rebuilding. The day of the Lord is final. Daniel, Jeremiah, John in Revelation all speak of this day. 

To others, the day of the Lord is a glorious moment. True life begins and never ends. Loss is exchanged for the eternally lasting. Glorious hope is realized. 

Between the two scenarios is the blessed Savior who has born all the sin that condemns. He was condemned for me. By faith in His finished work of grace, I look forward to that day, the then/there. Until then, I live now/here. Hope is still offered to everyone who will come to this Lord. 


Lord, there is coming a day that mankind will needlessly bear their sin and receive judgment. You bore that judgment on the cross. This makes me grieve for them but also makes me thankful once again for your finished work of grace. May this day be one of great redemption!

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