For thus the LORD said to me: “I will quietly look from my dwelling like clear heat in sunshine, like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest.” (Isaiah 18:4 ESV)


The Lord waits patiently until the appropriate time to intervene in human affairs, until sunshine and dew have built to an opportune climactic moment. His timing is amazing, always. So, during times of waiting, I have a choice. I can either try to work out the details of my life on my own, waiting for something to happen, or I can prayerfully wait for the One who is waiting quietly for the perfect time to work. During times of waiting, I wait for him which is much easier than waiting for an event or situation to resolve. I wait in faith that at the perfect time, he will act.

Lord, I wait for you today and for you alone. Quiet my heart like yours.

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