For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever. (Ps 9:18)

For many years, my heart has been drawn to the nation of India. Today, my wife and I support Tial, a missionary in Myanmar. It seems like one thing after another hit this country; natural disasters, economics, politics. The poverty is staggering. Perhaps that is why I have been drawn to the writings of Amy Carmichael and her ministry to the poorest and mistreated children. Who cannot be touched by the pictures and ministry of the Dohnavur ministry in southern India?

This verse in Psalm 9 is such an encouragement. There is an end to all misery – the Lord himself. Until then, there are these verses to comfort us along the way:

Power Lines Black and White Reference

The Lord himself is our high, strong fortress. He is our retreat. We run to him. Nothing or no one else will suffice.

Lord, you are my stronghold for this day and every day. May those who struggle, who are oppressed, without food or basic necessities, find you today.

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