Making things right

Cita: Cielo.png

God is unhindered in making things right. I forget that he is not affected by limitations of time or space. He hears the afflicted. He strengthens the weakest. He responds to the fatherless with a parental love and protection. He makes things right. One day, all things will be righted and justice will be forever enjoyed.

Until then, life happens. People flee terrorism. Children are hungry. People groups are desperate. As I write this, I am following the Rohingya Crisis. One-half million Rohingya refugees have fled their homes to Bangladesh.

People are living in squalor, where, in the rainy season, mud is ankle deep. International aid providers are doing the best they can. And the government of Bangladesh is doing the best that it can. – Eric Schwartz, president of Refugees International



Girls reach out for food handed out by a volunteer organization in the Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh.
Tommy Trenchard/Caritas


Lord, help! Perhaps this is one of the most honest prayers I can pray. I am unable – but you are not. Bring justice to our world. Give missionaries hope and courage where it is needed today. Make things right.

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