Decisions and Disciplines for the Journey

In 1996 I was introduced to a new book by Chuck Swindoll entitled Intimacy with the Almighty. I have returned to this little book many times and find it challenging every time. The bottom line is this: I have some core decisions to make if I am to walk with the Lord as he desires. And, to make these decisions live, there are required disciplines I must embrace and apply.

Decision 1: to reorder my private world through the discipline of simplicity.

Decision 2: to be still through the discipline of silence

Decision 3: to cultivate serenity through the discipline of solitude

Decision 4: to trust the Lord completely through the discipline of surrender

Perhaps you see as I how Prayers for the Journey and these decisions and disciplines dovetail. They form a beautiful tapestry that draw me to a deeper and higher walk with my Lord. I will tell you upfront that these are not easy. They are not mastered quickly or automatically. In fact, I don’t think I will ever arrive at a point of mastery.

When my wife and I moved to the north Dallas area, Chuck Swindoll became our pastor. One of our first Sundays, we talked with him and I thanked him for this book and how it continues to be a challenge for me. He admitted, with great humility, that the decisions and disciplines still challenge him as well.

I will share some thoughts from my life-changing quest with these decisions and disciplines. Some might look back but many will be focused on my current walk toward intimacy with the Almighty.