The law of the Lord
Perfect and blameless and true
Reviving the soul

The sureness of God
Making wise the simple one
Rejoicing the heart

The pureness of God
Enlightening perspective
Enduring always

All to be desired
More than all the priceless gold
One could ever own

All to be tasted
Sweeter than purest honey
Anyone could want

Discernment, safety
Protection for righteousness
Innocent, blameless

May my heart-thought words
Reflect the beauty of yours
Dear Giver of truth



The Word of the Lord
Reveals, presents, glorifies
The Lord of the Word


God’s Word on display
Sky proclaims His handiwork
Unceasing knowledge

God’s Word on display
Crossing every boundary
Universal speech

God’s Word on display
Reviving the soul, the heart
The Lord’s law, perfect

God’s Word on display
Giving its simple wisdom
Rejoicing the heart

God’s Word on display
Purity, eternal joy
Enduring always


You show your mercy
To the one who shows mercy
You are merciful

You show purity
To the pure in heart and soul
You are purity

You show humility
You save a humble person
You are humility

You show guiding light
You lighten every pathway
You are the true light

Your way is perfect
Your Word always proves truthful
You are perfection


Courtesy: Rosa Say

I call to the Lord
He hears, responds, enables
He is all my strength

When will I accept
I cannot but through Him I can?
He is all my strength

Dark clouds around me
The sun breaks through with rescue
He is all my strength

Too mighty for me
But the Lord was my support
He is all my strength

He makes my light shine
The LORD lightens my darkness
He is all my strength

His way is perfect
The Word of the Lord proves true
He is all my strength


Courtesy: Rosa Say

I wait on the Lord
He has been here all the time
I wait quietly

Confident trusting
He strengthens my walk each day
I wait actively


Courtesy: Rosa Say

Submission, free choice
To say, “You are worthy, Lord.”
Holier than me.

Never insisting
He just loves me to Himself
Adoration, love.

Growing in His grace
I embrace obedience
Life in Him as Lord.


Without lofty speech
Faith rests upon His power
I simply present

Fasting eloquence
No need to impress others
I simply express

The purest witness
I remain in the shadows
Only God is seen