Prayers for the Journey

Prayer is simply an act of faith whereby we entrust everything to the only One who is completely, faithfully trustworthy with it.

All of us who have committed our lives to Christ are on a journey. It’s a journey of intimacy with the Almighty. How easily we become sidetracked by the turns and switchbacks, dark tunnels, unexpected obstacles; our pace of life saps our spiritual strength leaving us empty and longing.

Prayers for the Journey brings us back to the most important in any situation, intimacy with God. Each prayer can be prayed about everything we deal with, every time. Sometimes, you might find that just one of the prayers is all that is needed. At other times, you might see the deep need of working through all of them. These prayers can be prayed for others as well. What a rich time of prayer when you pray these over your family and friends!

Prayers for the Journey is not a formula but a guard for the heart. They are not to take away the freshness of prayer but to enrich it. They stand ready to help you pray about things which are difficult to face; they give words to your prayers when you might be searching for them. They encourage worship and praise. “God, You are more than enough” strums the heart, doesn’t it?

There is no right or wrong way to approach these prayers. However, I have found this order to be helpful for me:

Come, Lord Jesus: the prayer of invitation

Abba, I belong to You: the prayer of relationship

I trust You: the prayer of commitment

I surrender to You: the prayer of relinquishment 

You are more than enough: the prayer of provision

Set my heart in order: the prayer of worship

It is my hope and joy that your life of intimacy with God will be deepened in every way. Oh, that we could become people of depth with our Lord!

With God’s grace in mind,

Dean Boyer

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